About the Blogger

Allison is an under-30 power industry communications consultant, with a focus on Smart Grid.  Her foray into the space was with one of the global Smart Grid giants, which manufactures everything from smart meters to wind turbines. After spending time helping that company build its Smart Grid brand presence, she began AME Communications, a small communications company that helps energy industry clients simplify their message and appeal more to the masses. Her regular list of clients include: one of the largest investor-owned utilities in the U.S., a home-energy-management vendor, a global energy conference organization, an energy news & analysis organization, an energy services company, and a handful of others.

Some other fun facts:

Hometown: North Brookfield, Mass.

College/Education: Syracuse University, B.A., Public Relations and Policy Studies, 2004.

First Job: Sweeping the floors of her dad’s custom-cabinet shop.

First Communications Gig: Using a bag of tricks — including ropes, carrots and pennies — to convince strangers to purchase sharp knives.

Favorite Tings to Do: Time with friends and family, long dog walks, reading, writing, cooking, and traveling.






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